Job Rants Thread – 8/3/2018

Hey, all; Happy Friday –

We know you work hard, so come on down, relax and allow us to work with you in getting your weekend started early. It’s not a crime to want a little downtime, after all. As the country continues to heat up, cool yourself with a selection from our ever expanding Happy Hour menu.


The Fire Tornado – Our house-made Bloody Mary, combined with a mixture of sriracha, Tabasco, cayenne and habenero, mixed by hand and sun-cooked for 3 hrs. (Limited Supply, we hope) – $3.25

The Q – “The drink everybody’s talking about!” A drink so experimental, we don’t even know what’s in it; though we doubt any of it’s good for you.  – $4.00



GOAT (Greatest Of All Time, but also actually goat) Grill Summer Special – For a limited time, for $5.99, enjoy a three course meal from our new special menu, with portions large enough to fit any sized (though preferably large) appetite!

Braised Goat Tips (your choice of sweet and sour, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce)

Goat Chops (Baked, Grilled or Fried – with choice of side)

Rack Of Goat (served with mint jelly and choice of side)

Cream of Goat Stew (Bread  or crackers + $1.99)

Chicken Fried Goat

Goat Fried Chicken

Goat Surprise

Frozen Goat Head Cheese and Strawberry Dessert

And, for just $3.00 more, we can double the portion size at your request! Order some for the the whole table, because there’s a LOT to go around!


Enjoy, and remember, It’s 5 o’clock , Somewhere!