Let’s Talk: Being Serious

We like to joke on The Avocado. We can’t really help it as we learned to dispense snark like a faulty ATM dropping dolla dolla bills y’all.

See. Jokes. We got ’em.

It can often be hard for us to turn it off and other times it is just way too tempting to not make a joke at the expense of someone else’s earnestness. We’re a very close-knit community, even if we all don’t see eye to eye, we look to each other for support, for advice, for companionship in times of difficulty.

Of course, sometimes it is probably more difficult to broach a serious topic than it should be. We seem to only know snark. We have a dedicated weekly thread now for just serious discussions, but what if it’s two days past and isn’t as active? Do you take it to the OT? Will people respect your comment enough to hold off on making a joke? To actually provide you with the expected response?

I want today’s Let’s Talk to be a sounding board for how we as a community can do better to welcome serious discussions in all parts of the Avocado, not just to dedicated threads. Have this been an opportunity to address concerns you might have with community responses to serious topics, comments, or discussions.

As is the norm in the Serious Discussions thread, I ask that we actually treat this particular thread, well, seriously. So please limit jokes if not just refraining from making jokes altogether.