WW67: A Murder is Announced, Day 6

Good morning, fellow genteel detectives. I was so sure yesterday represented our denouement, and yet still, a Murderer remains alive, and is continuing to cut a swath through our guests. Happily, Cherry and I remain immune, although she’s looking at the sherry rather more often than I would prefer.

This morning, I found that odd puppet dog, face side down in the lake. It was too awful. His body was awfully soggy. It just came apart in my hands. Poor Muppet. I didn’t understand you at all, but you seemed like a nice puppet dog. I still feel if your name is Sherlock Hemlock, you should probably die of poison, but no one asked my opinion.

Meanwhile, I was trying to have a nice boiled egg when Detective Inspector John Robinson up and choked on his rashers, and expired at the table. I’m sure he was poisoned, but I can’t seem to figure out what the poison was. Something obscure and South American, no doubt.

I’m pas the point of tea. I’ll join Cherry in a Sherry, I think.

marple 5

Shercrock Hemcrock has died. He was TOWN and ARIADNE OLIVER.

snugglewumps has died. Snugs was TOWN and MISS CHADWICK.


1 Murderers (Wolves)

6 Genteel Detectives (Town)

All of the Murderers will have roles that come with powers. Those roles are named, and the names are a clue as to the role and power assigned to each Murderer. When a Murderer is killed, I will reveal which role and power he or she was assigned to. I will not reveal the nature of that role/power.

The Murderer roles are:

Dr. James Sheppard
Justice Wargrave
Jane Wilkinson
Mrs. Hubbard

Some Town have roles with powers and some do not and are simply vanilla town. These roles are named and the names are a clue as to the role and power assigned to the Town member who receives that role and power. When a Genteel Detective is killed, I will reveal which role and power he or she was assigned to, if any. I will not reveal the nature of that role/power.

The Town roles are:

Hercule Poirot
Chief Inspector Japp
Ariadne Oliver
Colonel Hastings
Tuppence Beresford
Mr. Quin
Parker Pyne
Miss Chadwick

General Rules:

The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in an open thread that I will post. By the end of the Day (called Twilight), decide on a player to vote for, if any. A player who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be lynched.

During the Night, all players with powers will submit their night actions, if any, in their personal QTs. At the same time, the Murderers will meet in their own group QT to decide on a target for their Night kill.

Town’s goal is to eliminate all the Wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate Town, or reduce their numbers to the point where it becomes impossible for Town to eliminate the Wolves.

Please make at least five game-related comments per Day. Non-participation may get you lynched, or worse, replaced.

Only vote in the Vote Thread. No game-related chat after Twilight. And most importantly, NO EDITING POSTS FOR ANY REASON. Please do not change any post, even if you’ve made a spelling, grammar, or coding error. If you are caught editing a post, you will be mod-killed.



1) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

2) hohopossum

3) the god king snugglewumps 

4) Indeeeed

5) Spiny Creature

6) Grumproro

7) Captain Video

8) Lindsay (Disaster Lesbian)

9) D. Goat

10) The Hayes Code 

11) Lovely Bones 

12) Clodia 

13) Owen

14) jake 

15) MacCrocodile

16) E Dog

17) Doctor Nick

18) Otakunomike

19) Spooky

20) sic humor


1) A Winged Potato

2) Sub