The Superhero Tournament- Group Stage (Part Three)

Part Two Results

  • Group E: A few votes short of catching Hellcat, Pumaman was eliminated alongside Rachel Summers, Songbird, and Silk.
  • Group F: A tie breaking vote secured Miss America’s advancement, knocking out Deadman, Victor Mancha, Northstar, and Doctor Fate.
  • Group G: Amadeus Cho hulked out to get into 8th place past the eliminated Alan Scott / Green Lantern, Elsa Bloodstone, the Maxx, and XO Manowar.
  • Group H: Hercules got a push near the end of voting, but it wasn’t enough to pass Dr. OrpheusAlso out are Mogo, Moon Girl, and Gabby Kinney. 

Now lets move on to the next four groups. The Set-Up, explained once again

  • 192 Characters who were nominated and made it to this stage have been sorted into 16 Groups of 12. Upvotes from the nomination phase were used as a guide to spread the more popular characters across the groups.
  • You can Upvote as many characters as you like (downvotes don’t count), but within each group only the Top 8 characters will advance.
  • 128 characters will remain after this stage, who will be the field for our tournament bracket.
  • Upvotes from this stage will also determine how characters are seeded for the Tournament Stage. 

I will be posting Groups I-L, the third batch of 48, down in the comments.  You will have 24 Hours following the posting of this thread to vote on the characters below.

I will not be posting photos for every single characters in this stage, but you of course may reply with photos if you think it’ll help a character’s case.

If this whole thing sounds confusing to you… just Upvote characters you like and everything should be fine! Or ask for clarification  below.