New Game Releases 07/31/18

Edit: It seems that This Is The Police II has been released early and is available TODAY!

It’s time to say goodbye to July and hello to August. The summer is almost over so get outside and grab your favorite portable gaming device so you can hack and slash your way through endless waves of bad guys while the rest of your family sits in a canoe using their physical strength to move a boat through a lake. I can’t help dad, I’m on the final boss! Do you want me to die?!


This Is The Police II (PC) – *OUT NOW* (Console release slated for Q4 2018)

Like The Banner Saga, this is one game franchise I am intrigued by but never got around to playing. The first This Is The Police has been on both my Steam and Switch wishlists since the game was released but for some reason I never quite reached the point where I wanted to buy it. Now we have the second installment so I guess I should finally take the plunge, eh? The sequel appears to be a bit more involved than its predecessor, looking to be a bit of an X-Com style tactical shooter. The jazz music and Canadian border town setting are quite novel and gives the game something to stand out from the usual fantasy/sci-fi mold. I’ll definitely be putting this on my wishlist, and then never buy it.


Chasm (PC/PS4/PS Vita)

I can’t help myself, Chasm looks fucking awesome. I thought that after 10+ years of retro-style pixel art games I’d be over them, but I’m not; especially when they look as gorgeous as they do in Chasm. Take that gorgeous art and mix it with what looks to be some excellent game play and procedurally generated levels, and you might have the recipe for best game of the year. Look at Celeste, that game uses gorgeous pixel art and couples it with amazing game play and a killer story, or Into The Breach, another gorgeous pixel art game that has incredibly tight and satisfying game play. If 2018 is the year we reach peak retro-style pixel art games then at least we’ll be going out with a bang.


Graveball (PC)

The future of e-sports is here folks, and it’s Graveball. You play as a team of goblins who are trying to throw a ball through a hoop set up in a graveyard in what appears to be a variation on rugby. Why did it take us so long to get here? This is a premise that people have been screaming for since the days of pong, and I’m glad 3D Realms finally did something to meet the consumer demand.


Ports and Re-releases:

Yakuza 0 (PC) – Releases August 1st. If you’re a regular listener of the Avocado Gamescast then you should know about my love of the Yakuza series. However, if you didn’t own a PS4 there was no way to play the game…until now! PC owners rejoice! The second best game (in my opinion) of 2017 is now available to play on your personal computer! Sing karaoke, become a real estate magnate, run a gentlemen’s club, beat up thugs, break dance fight, race pocket cars, play Space Harrier, grab stuffed animals out of a claw machine, experience the frustratingly annoying car chase sequence, and sob your eyes out at the engrossing and tragic story of the empty lot in Kamurocho. I wish I was you playing this again for the first time, Yakuza 0 is a triumph.

Code of Princess EX (Switch) – If you took a look at this game and thought, “Wow, that looks and plays a lot like Guardian Heroes” then you’re right, because many of the people who worked on that game also worked on this action RPG that originally came out on the 3DS and PC. Now the game is available on the Switch, which is great, because if my girlfriend saw the outfit the main character wears she’d never let me play it, so thank god for portable mode. The physical version of this game comes with a full color instruction booklet and CD soundtrack (for a limited time).

Flashback-Remastered Edition (Switch) – I promise, this is game actually coming out, I promise…

1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PS4/Switch/Xbox One) – Releases on August 2nd/3rd on Switch/Xbone. An interactive drama based on the revolution in Iran to overthrow the Shah in the late 1970’s, but I haven’t played the original PC release so I can’t confirm if it also has anything to do with the Friday after Thanksgiving. Someone please let me know in the comments.

Titan Quest (Switch) – A Diablo clone that originally came out on previous generation consoles and PC. Now you can take it on the go with your Nintendo Switch.

Armored Warfare (Xbox One) – Releases on August 2nd. A free-to-play tank combat MMO that isn’t World of Tanks. Don’t expect PS4 cross-play, but from what I understand that community is dead anyway. No better time to resurrect it on the Xbone though!

Salt & Sanctuary (Switch) – Releases on August 2nd. After the stellar Hollow Knight was released on Switch not too long ago, we get another Dark Souls style platformer. If you’ve gotten your fill of Hollow Knight, but need more, this might just scratch that itch.



South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Bring The Crunch (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One) – The second story-driven expansion for SP: TFBW, this one sends you to Lake Tardicacca to deal with all sorts of nasty creatures and baddies in a riff on Friday the 13th. Along the way you’ll meet Mintberry Crunch and gain access to the “Final Girl” role, a play on the horror movie trope in which one girl is always the last to survive and defeats the evil killer. I enjoyed The Fractured But Whole, but never got around to playing the first DLC expansion From Dusk Til Casa Bonita because while I had a good time with it I just didn’t love it like I did The Stick of Truth.


Everything else:

IRO Hero (PC) – A vertical bullet hell SHUMP with 9 pulse-pounding levels.

Star Traders: Frontiers (PC) – Releases August 1st, currently in early access. This sci-fi RPG has been in early access on Steam since November 2017. Guide your rag tag crew of misfits through the procedurally generated galaxy full of political intrigue and nasty aliens.

ZIQ (PC) – Releases August 1st. A futuristic “runner” game that makes you change polarities to jump to the next platform or destroy obstacles in your path.

WarioWare Gold (3DS) – As mentioned last week, this game releases in North America on August 3rd.