Entertainment News #15

Welcome to Entertainment News! Your place to discuss what’s going on in the world of entertainment. As always, feel free to talk about any news you’ve come across even if I missed it.

Films are no more inclusive than they were a decade ago, finds USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. [The Hollywood Reporter]

MoviePass is to restrict movies in the first two week and raise the price of subscription as it struggles to stay afloat. [Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc]

Meanwhile AMC’s subscription service attracts 175,000 subscribers in its first five weeks. [Variety]

All 4 daytime soaps are threatening to boycott the Daytime Emmy Awards unless changes are made to the voting and accounting practices. [Deadline]

Why do some Netflix shows have pacing issues? Netflix exec Cindy Holland says early deals required 13 episodes.  [The Playlist]

Many wannabe screenwriters are getting scammed by a multimillion-dollar industry that includes pitch fests and online script coaches. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Venom has a new trailer. You can discuss it over on TokenCommenter’s thread.

Here’s what we know about Demi Lovato’s overdose [E! News]

Homecoming Star Julia Roberts says “there isn’t a distinction any more” between Film and TV. [The Hollywood Reporter]


After allegations of sexual misconduct, CBS’ board decide their chairman-CEO Les Moonves should keep his job while outside council investigates. So what’s next for Moonves and CBS? [Variety]

Meanwhile Ronan Farrow reveals how he landed the Leslie Moonves exposé [Variety]

Lola Kirke says she felt ashamed of herself for “not being as beautiful as I maybe could or should’ve been”, after the New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane voiced his distaste for her appearance in his review of Gemini. “And then I was like, oh wait, that’s internalized misogyny”. [The Daily Beast]

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast supports James Gunn [Zoe Saldana]

John Oliver interviews Anita Hill on how public attitudes have (and haven’t) changed since 1991. She also says that bystanders who witness harassment should talk with and listen to the victim. [Pajiba]