Shoeless Trivia: Mission Impossible

Paramount should totally give me a large sum of money for product placement.

  1. Though it is believed that faster than light travel is impossible, what name has been given to hypothetical particles (beloved by Star Trek writers) that always travel faster than light?
  2. What 1985 film has as its MacGuffin a stolen bike supposed hidden in the basement of the Alamo Mission?
  3. What impossibility, first conjectured by (and named for) a Frenchman in 1637, was finally proven by the Andrew Wiles in 1995?
  4. What is the nationality of the artist who drew the impossible staircase seen below?impossible1
  5. Who is the first African-American woman to travel into space, serving as Mission Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor in 1992?

  1. tachyons
  2. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
  3. Fermat’s Last Theorem
  4. Dutch
  5. Mae Jemison


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