New Game Releases 07/24/18

UPDATE: WarioWare Gold only releases in Europe and Australia this week. It will be out in North America on August 3rd. Big ups to Demyx for pointing this out!


We’re about half way through the Summer and we’ve hit a pretty good week after a somewhat lackluster one. Again, there are many ports and re-releases this week and I’ve decided to call these out in their own section.


The Banner Saga 3 (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One)

We’ve reached the third and final chapter of The Banner Saga, a game series I have personally never played but have always been intrigued by. Take control of your group of Viking heroes and move them around a tactical grid map defeating enemies and making grave choices that will affect the game along the way. Has anyone played the first two? Should those of us who haven’t played the first two start on this one sight unseen or go back and play through the earlier titles?


Radiant One (iOS/PC/Xbox One) Releases on July 25th

Embark on an epic journey in this surreal narrative adventure game. The game seems to be about a young man named Daniel who is sick of social media and his boring, everyday life. He finds a mystical book that teaches him about lucid dreams, and in the process of creating his own dreams he suddenly finds himself no longer in control and must figure out who or what is trying to stop him. If you’re wondering, yes, this is an indie game.


WarioWare Gold (3DS) – Releases on July 27th

I can’t believe that after all this time there has been no WarioWare game on the 3DS. That’s all set to change on the 27th as the 8th game in the series is set to come out on the Nintendo 3DS. I would personally rather have a Switch WarioWare game, but I do think it’s nice that Nintendo has decided to give the 3DS some decent titles in what has to be the last year or two of its life. For those of you not familiar with the series, WarioWare is a collection of mini-games that are generally crude and will sometimes feature snippets of past Nintendo games, usually for the NES and Game Boy. The nostalgia factor is pretty high in these games, but where they were once novel it might now be seen as passé.


Ports and Re-releases:

Mega Man X Legacy Collection (PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox One) – After releasing the entire Mega Man collection in two volumes over the course of a couple of years on just about every modern platform, we are now given a collection of the (superior) X series of games. Once again this is split into two volumes but unlike the previous Mega Man Collection 1 + 2, this is being released all at once in a single package (you can also buy each volume separately, but why?). New features include the same library of goodies that the previous collections did (artwork, history) and also features a new mode in which you can take on two robot masters at once!

No Man’s Sky (Xbox One) – I think we all remember the debacle around this game’s release on PS4 and PC two years ago, so have things improved since then? A little bit.

Ys: Memories of Celceta (PC) – Releases on July 25th. This PS Vita game is being ported to PC and not the Switch or PS4 because I’m pretty sure someone hates me. Who is it? IS IT YOU??!!!?

Crossing Souls (Switch) – Releases on July 26th. Released on multiple platforms back in February, this 1980’s set action/adventure game is now coming to the Switch. Full of all that great ‘80’s nostalgia you love, you and your bodacious friends find an old artifact and totally discover the power hidden within. Now this bogus government agent is trying to take it away from you and keep you from learning its secrets. Are you a bad enough dude or dudette to stop him?

Go Vacation (Switch) – Releases on July 27th. Originally released in 2011 on the Wii, this collection of resort based mini-games is coming out for the Switch and promises all the fun, motion-based controls you LOVED about the original.


Toby: The Secret Mine (Switch) – A Limbo-esque platformer that got mixed reviews. You should probably just play Limbo.


Everything else:

Airheart  (PC/PS4) – This twin-stick shooter has been in early access for a while and is now coming out as a full release.

The Persistence (PSVR) – Do you own the VR headset for the PS4? Yeah? Then you might as well buy this. The Virtual Boy had something like 24 games, has the PS VR caught up yet?

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul (PC/PS4/Xbox One) – I’m a bit confused about this release. I guess it came out last March on PC and then steadily got DLC released for it in the form of new routes you could drive on. I guess this release is now the full game with all the DLC routes included? I don’t know, it’s so not for me. If I wanted to sit on a train for 3 hours, I’d sit on a train for 3 hours.

War Tech Fighters (PC) – If you turn the name of this game into an acronym you get W.T.F., that’s fucking funny! I don’t know why, but I assume this game is a big hit with the Gamer Gate crowd, it just has that level of scumminess to it. I might be wrong though!

Sleep Tight (PC/Switch) – Releases on July 26th. Build a pillow fort by day, kill monsters by night, sleep never, apparently. They should have hired me to write the tagline.

Tiny Hands Adventure (PC/Switch) – Releases on July 27th. This platforming game has you playing a T-Rex, hence the “tiny hands” part. It looks really bad, sorry.