Comic-Con Thread: Saturday

It’s now day 3 folks. We’ve learned a lot of stuff about a lot of really cool things. My favorite was that surprise announcement at that panel yesterday, and of course when that famous person showed up who I wasn’t expecting.

What are you excited for today? Do your feet also feel like they’re going to fall off?

Today’s big panels (All times Pacific):

Steven Universe 10:00 am

Warner Bros. 10:30 am

Black Lightning 11:00 am

The Good Place 11:00 am

Krypton 12:00 pm

The Simpsons 12:00 pm

American Dad!/Family Guy 1:00 pm

Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing 1:45 pm

The Gifted 2:30 pm

Spotlight on Yoshitaka Amano 2:30 pm

Supergirl 3:30 pm

Arrow 4:15 pm

The Man In the High Castle 4:15 pm

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 5:00 pm

Deadpool 2 5:15 pm

Matt Groening’s Disenchantment 5:30 pm

The Flash 5:45 pm

An Evening With Kevin Smith 6:45 pm

25 Years of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 7:45 pm

The Comic-Con International Masquerade 8:00 pm