The Thursday Politics Thread Muddies The Message

Fucking called it.

Late last night, the New York Times posted a piece that makes clear that Trump knew from the outset of his presidency that interference occurred, that the intelligence community agreed in the assessment that it was Russia, that it was to his benefit, and that it was at the direction of Putin. The CIA produced e-mails, texts, and human intel all coming from a source very close to President Putin at the time that made all this clear.

Trump has, from the very beginning, muddied a very clear and direct message; probably because it benefited him to do so. He cherry picks what he chooses to believe is correct. He ignores the problems, in fact doing all he can to prevent public officials from fixing them, all the while claiming to have confidence in the intelligence community.

Whether it was because of ego, or because he’s deeply in debt to numerous foreign entities, or  because the Russians have mountains of kompromat on Comrade Donald and his family, or a combination of all three, it’s clear he’s guilty of the violation of his oath of office, obstruction of justice six ways to Sunday, and any one of a number of other things.


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