Best Video Game Character Tournament, Quarterfinals

128 entered, 8 remain.

Results from Round Four:

  • Of the top eight vote-getters in the initial nominations, six of those characters remain. The two characters that did not make it to the quarterfinals are Error and Mega Man. The two characters that took their places were Chun-Li and Bowser.
  • The characters who received the most votes overall was the formidable Samus Aran with 78 votes.
  • The characters who received the most votes among those who did not advance were beloved female characters Zelda and Lara Croft, with 45 votes each.
  • The characters who received the least votes overall was Donkey Kong, facing the crowd favorite Samus.
  • The character who received the least votes among those who did advance to this round was Bowser in a surprisingly close fight against the King of All Cosmos.
  • The only upset in the previous round was Chun-Li, who was in seed six, beating Mega Man in the first seed. Chun-Li’s seeding was obviously much too low, but that’s the semi-random nature of the nomination process at work.
  • The biggest blowout was Samus for a third time in this tournament, this time besting Donkey Kong.
  • The closest match was between GLaDOS and Zelda with only eight votes separating them.

To vote in this bracket: Please add an upvote to the character in each matchup you’d like to see advance. Please don’t add discussion to the matchup threads. Instead, create a new post for discussion. This makes it easier for people to see and vote on the matchups.