Werewolves 66: Ella Minnow Pea, Day Two

The Nollopians went home, tired with a day policing themselves (and each other). Hohopossum recharged his batteries, while Dewey dealt with the merciless teasing by his sister, who had received another last name when she married. The Terrible Trivium had had a beauteous day. So much useless debate over little things! It did the empty space where her heart would normally be worlds good.

She decided to head to the green to persuade people into sorting grass blades by length when a Loyalist band grabbed her. She didn’t even have time to count them ere they smashed her head in with the encyclopedias the Council had pulled. Her last thought was still a happy one; the tedium would no doubt go on without her.

HayesCode (The Terrible Trivium) is dead. She was a Rebel.

Wednesday, Septa-Month 11, 2018

Dear Nollopians,

We have received word that more tiles have dropped. Nollop has willed that you may not use Z, Q, J, X, K, or F going on.

Laws are good. You should obey. Nollopians are smart. Go about your business.

C. Mustard
Head Councilor



12 11 Rebels (Vanilla Town)
1 Rebel Cop
1 Rebel Farmer
1 Rebel Journalist
1 Rebel Silencer

1 Loyalist (Vanilla Wolf)
1 Loyalist Goon
1 Loyalist Pedant
1 Loyalist Spy

Rules and Roles


1) Players may not use forbidden letters in their posts. You are also not allowed to use asterisks or other symbols to fill in for missing letters.

2) Your QTs are safe havens, in which you may speak freely without fear of reprisal from the Town Council.

3) Democracy is very important to Nollopians, and voting is mandatory. If you do not vote, an NPC Nollopian will cast a random vote in your place. Ties will be decided by a randomly-chosen player not involved in the tie.

4) Broken rules may result in loss of vote, role-blocking, silencing, or in extreme cases, death.

5) Other standard rules apply: Only vote in the Vote Thread. No game-related chat after Twilight. And most importantly, NO EDITING POSTS FOR ANY REASON. In this game especially, it is verboten to change a post, even if you’ve made a spelling, grammar, or coding error. If you are caught editing a post, you will be mod-killed.

6) Snitching is fun! And encouraged! If you see another player using a forbidden letter, call them out! Players get bonuses for successful snitching. There may also be rolling punishments if more than one player uses a forbidden letter.

7) Please make at least five game-related comments per Day. Trying to avoid breaking the letter rules by not posting will not fly.

8) Please use the modern English alphabet for your posts. Players cannot get around the rules by posting in Greek or Cyrillic. Common contractions and abbreviations are allowed, as are phonetic substitutions (saying “selery” for “celery”, for example).


-Rebel Cop: May investigate a player at Night for a “Loyalist” or “Rebel” result.

-Rebel Farmer: May hide someone in the barn to protect them overnight. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive Nights. Hiding someone in the barn will prevent them from activating roles. The Farmer also has a one-shot ability to use their Night action to protect himself/herself.

-Rebel Journalist: May grant a one-shot “Freedom of Speech” power to another player each Night. Players who use their “Freedom of Speech” may ignore the rules regarding forbidden letters the next Day.

-Rebel Silencer: You worry that your neighbor will inadvertently break a rule, and you’d rather see them struck mute than risk punishment. The Silencer picks a target at Night. The next Day, the target cannot communicate in words at all, but may only post pictures and GIFs. The pictures/GIFs may have their original subtitle if they’re from a source such as a TV show, movie, commercial, etc., but players may not add their own custom subtitles. The silenced target will vote privately in their QT.

-Loyalist Goon: A Wolf that may select a target at Night to be role-blocked.

-Loyalist Pedant: A Wolf that may select a target at Night. The targeted player will have an extra forbidden letter to avoid the next Day, chosen by the Pedant. The Pedant may not select the same target on consecutive Nights, and activating the power has a 25% chance of backfiring on the Wolves.

-Loyalist Spy: A Wolf that will show up on Cop alignment tests as Town.


1) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer (The Honorary (Ret.) SgtMaj Dr. ZK Rothschild, JD, MBA, MD, PhD, EIT, CPA, DDS, MS-DOS, RN, CLA, BBQ, MBA, USMC, BRB, TTYL)

2) Captain Video (Mayor John Gadsby)

3) sic humor (Sic Rumors)

4) Scaly Creature (Blasa Jiménez)

5) hohopossum (hohopossumspeak&spell)

6) MacCrocodile (Lefty)

7) D. Goat (Darlington Bexley Goatsborough)

8) Admirax (Lili Von Shtupp)

9) spookyfriend (Princess Cassima)

10) Thoughts x3 (Ampersand Brown)

11) Owen (Mister Mxyzptlk)Silencer

12) The Hayes Code (The Terrible Trivium)Rebel

13) Flubba Gunto (Dewey Fvck)

14) forget_it_jake (Count von Count)

15) Grumproro (Prue)

16) Louie Blue (Whittaker Cobalt)

17) Sheltie (Micolash, Host of the Nightmare)

18) Lord Stoneheart (Amethyst)

19) subsaharan (C. Willoughby Fucksalot)

20) WoodSword (Etaoin Shrdlu)

Day One

Day Two ends at 12PM on Friday, July 13 or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.