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Hello new friends!


Since the Mothership appears to be going down pretty quickly in what I call Kinjapocalypse 2Ay Caramba!, I’m starting to see a bunch of new and familiar names from the old days around and thought it would be nice to have another thread where we get to know each other and/or catch up. So, introduce yourself, for both the new people and the regular ‘cados! Did you go by a different name on the old site? Where ya from? What do you ostensibly do at work that isn’t slacking off and posting things on the Internet? Any pets? We love pet photos here. How long have you been here? What’s the origin story of your username and avatar? Pineapple on pizza: your thoughts? Are you known for anything around here? What do you like to do when not on the Internet? Do you do any features here? Do you write or make content anywhere else? Where do you typically hang out here? Where did you typically hang out on the AV Club? What are your preferred pronouns? And so on…

Only divulge information that you are comfortable with making public on the internet!

And while you’re here…

Here’s some website guidelines! 

Here’s some info on how to publish threads here!

Here’s a post on how you can contact the mods!


Friendly Avocado image courtesy of oglaf.com