Werewolf 66 Signups: Ella Minnow Pea

Gather round, fellow Nollopians! We, the Town Council, have called this community meeting in the town square to discuss the emergency measures enacted this afternoon. As you’re all aware, our fair island was the home of Nevin Nollop, the genius we revere for coining the pangram “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” which of course you see spelled out in the letter tiles affixed to the side of his grand statue here.

Nollopians are famous for their love of the written language, so much so that we don’t have any telephones or other communication devices on the island; we simply write notes and letters to each other. Our writings are what keep us sharp-witted, helping us to avoid the sad decline our American neighbors have suffered. It was shocking when we received word that the statue’s tiles were beginning to fall, and so we prayed for a divine sign from Nollop.

Last night, we received one. Brevity is the soul of wit, and if the letter tiles are falling off the Nollop statue, that clearly means that in his eternal wisdom, he wishes for us to make do without them.

It is with this in mind that the Council decrees that any letters that fall off the statue are hereby banned from written communication.

This is Werewolf 66: Ella Minnow Pea!



12 Rebels (Vanilla Town)
1 Rebel Cop
1 Rebel Farmer
1 Rebel Journalist
1 Rebel Silencer

1 Loyalist (Vanilla Wolf)
1 Loyalist Goon
1 Loyalist Pedant
1 Loyalist Spy

General Rules:

The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in an open thread that I will post. By the end of the Day (called Twilight), decide on a player to vote for, if any. A player who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be lynched.

During the Night, all players with powers will submit their targets’ names in their personal QTs. At the same time, the Wolves will meet in their own group QT to decide on a target for their Night kill.

Town’s goal is to eliminate all the Wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate Town, or reduce their numbers to the point where it becomes impossible for Town to eliminate the Wolves.

Please make at least five game-related comments per Day. Non-participation may get you lynched, or worse, replaced.

Special Rules and Roles


1) Players may not use forbidden letters in their posts. You are also not allowed to use asterisks or other symbols to fill in for missing letters.

2) Your QTs are safe havens, in which you may speak freely without fear of reprisal from the Town Council.

3) Democracy is very important to Nollopians, and voting is mandatory. If you do not vote, an NPC Nollopian will cast a random vote in your place. Ties will be decided by a randomly-chosen player not involved in the tie.

4) Broken rules may result in loss of vote, role-blocking, silencing, or in extreme cases, death.

5) A random player (can be either Town or Wolf) will begin Day One silenced with fear or guilt.

6) Other standard rules apply: Only vote in the Vote Thread. No game-related chat after Twilight. And most importantly, NO EDITING POSTS FOR ANY REASON. In this game especially, it is verboten to change a post, even if you’ve made a spelling, grammar, or coding error. If you are caught editing a post, you will be mod-killed.

7) Snitching is fun! And encouraged! If you see another player using a forbidden letter, call them out! Players get bonuses for successful snitching. There may also be rolling punishments if more than one player uses a forbidden letter.


-Rebel Cop: May investigate a player at Night for a “Loyalist” or “Not Loyalist” result.

-Rebel Farmer: May hide someone in the barn to protect them overnight. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive Nights. Hiding someone in the barn will prevent them from activating roles. The Farmer also has a one-shot ability to use their Night action to protect himself/herself.

-Rebel Journalist: May grant a one-shot “Freedom of Speech” power to another player each Night. Players who use their “Freedom of Speech” may ignore the rules regarding forbidden letters the next Day.

-Rebel Silencer: You worry that your neighbor will inadvertently break a rule, and you’d rather see them struck mute than risk punishment. The Silencer picks a target at Night. The next Day, the target cannot communicate in words at all, but may only post pictures and GIFs. The pictures/GIFs may have their original subtitle if they’re from a source such as a TV show, movie, commercial, etc., but players may not add their own custom subtitles. The silenced target will vote privately in their QT.

-Loyalist Goon: A Wolf that may select a target at Night to be role-blocked.

-Loyalist Pedant: A Wolf that may select a target at Night. The targeted player will have an extra forbidden letter to avoid the next Day, chosen by the Pedant. The Pedant may not select the same target on consecutive Nights, and activating the power has a 25% chance of backfiring on the Wolves.

-Loyalist Spy: A Wolf that will show up on Cop alignment tests as Town.


1) April Ludgate-Karate Dwyer

2) Lord Stoneheart

3) spookyfriend

4) Hogarthmirax Hughes

5) forget_it_jake

6) Owen

7) WoodSword

8) Flubba Gunto

9) D. Goat

10) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

11) MacCrocodile

12) Grumproro

13) Sheltie

14) LouieBlue

15) hohopossum

16) Scaly Creature

17) sic humor

18) subsaharan

19) The Hayes Code

20) Captain Video


1) Lindsay

2) Doctor Nick

3) Hegel Exercises

4) snugglewumps