World Cup Russia 2018: Day 15, Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

Korea did their part but México were crushed and couldn’t return the favor. While in the afternoon Brazil did enough and will face México and Switzerland tied against the feisty tickets and will face Sweden.

Day 15, group H is anyone’s but Poland, while in G we just need to figure out from which route is football coming home

Group H: Senegal v Colombia

Oh, I don’t want either of these teams to get stuck in the group stage. Colombia stabbed themselves in the back in the first game but came back guns blazing against a disappointing Poland, while Senegal could have sealed qualification if their keeper knew how to play. There’s a lot of combinations that could send either team to the next phase, but Colombia needs the win to not depend on others, while Senegal needs a draw. This will be super fun

Group H: Japan v Poland

Poland have nothing to fight but honor, while the Samurai Blue will need at least a tie. Poland hasn’t shown anything this tournament and they’re so far the highest ranked team to be eliminated. Japan’s veterans have really make this team work (except for their keeper) and Inui has been really good.

Group G: England v Belgium

England’s mercy against Panamá might bite them in the ass as they have the same GD as Belgium, of course that won’t matter if Belgium wins. But that can’t happened, haven’t you heard? It’s coming home!

Group G: Panama v Tunisia

Neither team has anything to play for, that was really nice of them, that way you can focus on the other game being played at the same time. Tunisia looked better so I’ll bet on them, but you know, if nobody watched a game, was it played at all?