World Cup Russia 2018: Day 12, The Eye of the Tiger

Japan and Senegal had an exciting and error filled match, Panamá got crushed because football is coming home and Colombia showed what they can do and confirmed FIFA rankings are nonsense

Day 12, last round for the group stage starts, for this one matches of the same group will be played at the same time, so try to grow another pair of eyes. Also, Math will be required, I suggest using this site or going here for explanations of possible tiebreakers.

Group A: Saudi Arabia v Egypt

The first two teams to be eliminated play for nothing but honor. Saudi Arabia showed both good plays but also a completely inability to score against Uruguay while Egypt still has some attacking power. Egypt, just do this for Salah

Group A: Russia v Uruguay

I’m guessing not even the most staunch Russian homer had them as on of the best teams on the competition with a +7 goal differential, yet here we are. After crushing Saudi Arabia and Egypt a tie would be enough to finish first on their group. Uruguay hasn’t showed anything so this doesn’t seem that improbable as it did before the competition started. Too bad whatever the position the prize would be either Spain or Portugal

Group B: Iran v Portugal

Iran has showed a great defense and even some attacking flourishes while Ronaldo has carried Portugal all the way through. Both teams need a result, this should fun

Group B: Spain v Morocco

After two disappointing games, Morocco are out of the competition and have only national pride going for them. Spain will need something here to not depend on other results. Morocco could spoil the party

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