World Cup Russia 2018: Day 11, Dragon Screamer

Tunisia went out swinging and were knocked out, Korea tried with Son and a lot of fouls and Sweden left a point slip thru their fingers and now make things super complicated in group F

And with this we reach Day 11, los Canaleros are hoping for a miracle, while in group H it’s anyone’s game. This will be the end of round 2 of the group stage. From then on games from the same group will be played at the same time

Group G: England v Panamá

England won, that’s pretty much the only thing they can be happy about, while Panamá got rushed by Belgium. Los Canaleros need a result to still be alive, seems impossible no matter how much England Englands

Group H: Japan v Senegal

Japan took advantage of a horrible mistake by Colombia, while Senegal was much more effective than Poland and now the group is completely open. From what I’ve seen of the first matches, I’d got for Senegal, but Japan’s experience might say otherwise

Group H: Poland v Colombia

Well this tournament did not go as expected for either team and now they need some points to still be alive. Colombia showed some sparks even with 10 men while Poland didn’t show much at all. It’s really likely one of these teams will go home

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