World Cup Russia 2018: Day 9, Will Iceland Smite?

Australia remains alive, while the lively Perú is dead, but the surprise was again Argentina. Not only they lost, they lost 3-0, with a howler from the keeper, a nonexistent midfield and a Messi that seems to have given up. That last goal with everyone just standing there is one of the worst things I remember seeing in an official competition. Not all is lost for Argentina, but now they depend on others

With that we arrive to Day 9, Brazil has a lot to prove, Iceland might have what it takes and Serbians and Swiss will shape the future of the group, lets see

Group D: Nigeria v Iceland

Iceland was a wall against Argentina while Nigeria looked dreadful against Croatia. Iceland are very much alive while Nigeria are in desperate need of a win, that’s a good combination

Group E: Brazil v Costa Rica

Brazil looked great until they didn’t, they lost momentum and tied with a Swiss team tht played it smart. This is a must win for them now. On the other hand, los ticos didn’t look good against Serbia, they looked old and slow, they’re in need of new blood, this doesn’t bode well for them, they still have Navas, so there’s some hope

Group E: Serbia v Switzerland

Both teams are still an unknown to me. Serbia did dominate Costa Rica but couldn’t score until a marvelous free kick, while Switzerland did more than expected against Brazil. I’d put my money on them. This group is closer than expected