Shoeless Trivia: The French Revolution

This would make more sense closer to Bastille Day, but I was reading about it last night and I want to strike while the mental iron is hot.

  1. What sartorial name was given to the class of revolution minded commoners of late 18th century France, such as the gentleman (no doubt uncomfortable in the summer heat) seen below?frenchrev1
  2. What was the somewhat ironic name for the political body that assumed de facto leadership of France during the “Reign of Terror” of 1793-1794?
  3. What Holy Roman Empress of the House of Hapsburg was mother to the unfortunate Maria Antonia?
  4. A play set during the last days of Maximilien Robespierre lends it name to what rich seafood dish created by Auguste Escoffier?
  5. From what 1950 short is the still below taken? Its title character is take off (in name more than manner) on a swashbuckling character created by Baroness Orczy.frenchrev2

  1. sans-culottes
  2. Committee of Public Safety
  3. Maria Theresa
  4. Lobster Thermidor
  5. “The Scarlet Pumpernickel”


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.