New Steven Universe Trailer and Quick Announcement on Episodes Discussions

Yesssssssssss it’s a new Steven Universe trailer! The five episode arc, title Heart of the Crystal Gems, will deal with the resulting fallout of Rose’s secret come to light, and how Steven and the Crystal Gems deal with this startling revelation. The episodes will premier July 2nd.


Now, a quick announcement. Previously when we posted threads for episodes, we would post them when they would become available on the CN app, before they would officially air. However not many of us use the app, so me and LibraryLass have decided to post discussions on the date new episodes air, and not when they’re available prematurely. That way many of us Avocadoans don’t miss out on discussions. Also, LibraryLass will be handling posting the next episode(s).

And, here’s a quick tip for all you non-Eastern coasters. Now episodes air at roughly 7:00pm EST, which means theoretically if you live on the Pacific coast then it should air 4:00pm. However some providers don’t do this, which means you see it at 7:00pm PST instead, three hours after it aired on the other side. But there is a loophole. If you go to the Cartoon Network website, choose Video, and select the “Live TV” tab and logging in through your provider, then at the bottom right near the stream will have the option to watch the airings on the East coast. Which means, you can watch it at the same time as (mostly) everyone else!

And that’s it! Hope y’all have a great week and see yah around July 2nd!