Review – ‘Adamantium Agenda’ #2

Spoiler Warning – The cover art does appear as a sequence inside the issue. Sacre Bleu!

Recap – “Years ago, Wolverine was part of a team of Avengers with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.  They discovered a bomb that was specially rigged only to explode when a person activated it. Wolverine elected to activate the bomb to dispose of it for good, blowing himself up in the process.

Today, Wolverine’s body is missing from its final resting place. Iron Man has assembled Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man to covertly attend a private underworld auction where Wolverine’s body may be for sale. Much to Luke and Jessica’s dismay, the first auction item is the DNA sequence of their daughter Danielle!

The issue opens in the past immediately after the bomb detonation. Iron Man is looking for Wolverine’s body in the rubble and finds him. Logan has survived but is in a feral state and attacks Iron Man. Luckily, Tony Stark was remotely piloting the Iron Man armor.  Wolverine asks Iron Man to make him a promise: let Logan rest in peace and do whatever is necessary from anyone getting their hands on his corpse.  If Tony obliges, Logan will do something for him.

Today, Luke and Jessica are furious about the reveal of the bad guys having Danielle’s DNA.  Before the parents do something rash, Tony bids and wins the DNA sequence of Danielle Cage.  Tony also bids and wins some other items, including a sizable chuck of a Z1 (a device that predates the modern computer). However, Tony is made by another member of the audience and leaves immediately to pay for his winnings.   Tony asks the seller of Danielle’s DNA if Wolverine’s DNA is up for bid; it is, but it will cost a cool $6 million dollars.  The conversation is interrupted by Peter’s Spider Sense going off and the heroes’ room is attacked.  We get the reveal of the bad guy of this miniseries: A X-Men villain who has a history of genetic manipulation and a background in arcane science.  They are about to kill the henchman that spilled the beans about Wolverine.  He is saved by the person that spotted Tony in the crowd.  That person is…..shown at the end of the issue, which you should definitely read because it’s too good to be spoiled. TO BE CONTINUED!

Last month, I spoke about how I was disappointed in the reveal of Danielle Cage as the mystery hero. I spoke in my review that I’d give Issue 2 a chance and I’m glad I did.  Tom Taylor is a masterful storyteller, who has given us twists and turns in two issues and the three reveals in this story are different levels of shock but get the adrenaline pumping. I’m excited enough to continue to see how this miniseries wraps up.

Next week – Claws of a Killer #2 will be released. ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES and EVEN MORE ZOMBIES! This is what DAKEN, SABRETOOTH AND LADY DEATHSTRIKE are up against in the small town of Maybelle…But who is responsible for the grotesque transformation of this peaceful town? And what happens when one of our intrepid villains gets bitten?