The Fightin’ Night Thread

Long ago, I did an open thread honoring some of my favorite high school mascots (inspired by own alma mater’s fear-inspiring sobriquet, the mighty Stickers), so tonight I’ll feature some more great mascots, college edition.

The objectively best mascot in college sports is Auburn University’s Aubie.



However, even I have to admit that tigers in general are overplayed in the mascot world (sorry, Mike Image result for mike tiger emoticon), so here are a few less common contenders:

The Stanford Cardinal seems prosaic enough until you realize the Cardinal in question is a tree — and not just any tree, but this tree:


Then there’s the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (known locally as “ooh-la-la”), which really leans into the Ragin’ Cajun mystique with a Cayenne mascot.


A lot of people favor the University of California Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, and for good reason,


but for my money, the clear winner of the Unofficial Avocado Best Mascot Competition is the Fighting Okra of Delta State University. Fear the Okra.


Make a case for your favorite mascot below, or don’t; I’m not the boss of you. Have a great night regardless!