Thriftstorm #8: An Adopted Family

Thriftstorm is Captain Video’s secondhand anthropology project. Follow @Thriftstorm on Twitter for the latest news on things people were just going to throw away.

Artifact: Assorted old photographs.

Description: Black and white photographic prints of unclear age.

Source: Junk store.

I found a bunch of old pictures at the junk shop. They’re MY family now. I have no idea who any of these people are, so I’ve decided to imagine new lives for them.


This is Terrence and Lucile, married on this day in 19XX. Terrence was a stewardess; Lucile was a bricklayer.


This is Buster, Jr. He was a good boy.


This is Buster, Sr. He was also a good boy.


This is Yvette. Yvette once chugged a whole bottle of absinthe at a poetry reading and suplexed Oscar Wilde through a stained-glass window.


This is Esther. Esther can see colors that aren’t there, and remembers things that never happened.


This is Bess. Bess has strong feelings about today’s youth.

Next time: Travel to a prison camp a billion years in the past, through the power of *~reading~*