Shoeless Trivia: Classical Music

One of my worst categories, defined fairly broadly per Learned League conventions.

  1. The work commonly known as the Enigma Variations was composed by what Englishman who is better known for a piece that has become synonymous with graduation ceremonies?
  2. Of the didgeridoo, flugelhorn, saxophone, trombone, and tuba, which is not considered a labrosone?
  3. Beethoven’s only opera is about a noblewoman named Leonore who is so faithful to her husband that she disguises herself as a guard to free him from a political prison. What is its title?
  4. The image below shows Misty Copeland in a performance of what Igor Stravinsky ballet?classical1
  5. “The Knight of the Rose” is an English translation of a 1911 comic opera with libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal that was composed by whom?

  1. Edward Elgar
  2. saxophone
  3. Fidelio
  4. The Firebird
  5. Richard Strauss


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.