Giving You Everything This Night Thread 6/6

Sometimes, it’s hard to be a Spice Girl. You’ve got to sing and dance but under a goofy made up moniker like Ginger Spice, Baby Spice, or Mel C. I’m assuming that this is why they took on another alternate identity for their “Say You’ll Be There” music video. The Spice Girls sport all new auction-packed names: “Katrina Highkick”, “Trixie Firecracker”, “Kung Fu Candy”, “Midnight Miss Suki”, and “Blazin’ Bad Zula”!

I am assuming that Zach Snyder’s entire thesis for the movie Suckerpunch was, “The Say You’ll Be There video… but with Robot Nazis.”

Honestly, though, the video itself was partially inspired by Pulp Fiction, namely the talked-about Fox Force Five scenario. So each of the Spice Girls gets weapons that they fling around, and Mel C — I’m sorry, “Katrina Highkick” — gets to do most of the flippety flips. Though mostly the video is them dancing in place in a V-shaped formation while they rotate through the lead singers. They also tie up dudes because girl power.