Awkward Moments

We’ve all had them. Those moments in our lives when something doesn’t just go wrong, it goes sideways and then slathers goo all over our face and then it goes wrong. Awkward moments. Life’s rich embarrassments that push you ever so close to the edge but instead of gently nudging you over, they pants you and then you turn around to see everyone in your life pointing and laughing at you. At you and your choice of underwear, if you remembered to wear underwear.

A few prompts:

  1. Don’t assume all awkward moments are looked back upon with humorous reflection. Be sure to pick up on tone and context as best you can before relaying a witty remark (not that I think that will be of much concern for this topic, but do exercise decency and respect to the stories we’ll share).
  2. In conjunction with the first prompt, don’t be mean, especially if you’re sharing an awkward moment that isn’t yours.
  3. Yes, you can talk about the awkward moments of someone else, someone you know who doesn’t mind you sharing such information with strange people on the internet, or perhaps something you saw from someone who will never know you’re talking about them.