Unpopular Opinions – Leftorium Edition

This week, the Leftorium solicits your unpopular opinions. Inspired by all the calls for hot twitter takes last week, today’s thread is dedicated to everything you think about the current state of politics both in America and elsewhere in the world that you’ve been reticent about. Leave it in the comments and watch it catch fire or fizzle out.

Recent news items:

The number of Puerto Ricans dead from the after effects of Hurricane Maria is failing to gin up much media interest.

Razan Najjar, a 21-year-old Palestinian medic was shot and killed by IDF while treating wounded Palestinians at the Gaza border.

The Democratic Party’s actual record with black women leaves plenty to be desired.

While doing press for his new novel, Bill Clinton was asked about Monica Lewinsky and his impeachment in context of the #metoo movement.

Roseanne Barr’s blatant racism got her show cancelled and ABC is considering a spin-off with the rest of the cast.

The Daily Beast put up an article on Jill Stein’s handling of the recount money and as one would expect, it’s largely a misrepresentation of what actually happened.

Friend of the Leftorium Vermin Supreme is seeking office as AG in Kansas on the GOP ticket and local lawmakers are attempting to remove him from the ballot.

Finally, over at our new space, a bit old but still necessary take on the state of Our Revolution and grassroots leftist organizing in general.

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