Shoeless Trivia: Sportsball

It’s time for a sports category but I don’t feel like wading in up to my neck with any particular sport.

  1. In recent years, both Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid have been described with what three word phrase that casts each of them as a worthy successor to Wayne Gretzky?
  2. What Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma was the the number one pick in the 2018 NFL draft?
  3. “The Splash Brothers” refers to what two current Golden State Warriors players with a talent for “splashing” the net with distance shots?
  4. In addition to holding the record for the most PGA Tour wins, what golfer is also the only man ever to win an LPGA Tour event, the Royal Poinciana Invitational in 1962?
  5. What WNBA team’s (redacted) logo is shown below? City and nickname, please.sportsball1

  1. “The Next One”
  2. Baker Mayfield
  3. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson
  4. Sam Snead
  5. Seattle Storm


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.