Scott OT #85: The Night Thread of Louisiana Story (6/4)

The 1948 film Louisiana Story was a huge event back in the day. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing, Motion Picture Story. It’s score was widely acclaimed, being the only film score to ever win a Pulitzer Prize. And in the initial Sight & Sound (the official one, not the knock-off that I run here) poll, it placed fifth place for greatest movie ever made, tied with Intolerance with 12 mentions each.

However, it’s reputation has fallen since then. It’s not seen as bad at all, it’s just been… forgotten about. Rather tellingly, in the most recent official Sight & Sound poll from 2012, it placed at 588th place with only two mentions.

However, it’s still a very good movie. It’s directed by Robert Flaherty, one of the early titans of the film industry. The movie just looks gorgeous and the aforementioned score is wonderful.