Brows Held High Night Thread

Part 2 of a series on YouTube shows that don’t suck

Beginning in 2010 (?), Kyle Kallgren’s Brows Held High began as a way to skewer highfalutin’ arthouse films– particularly the kind that are just as lowdown and grungy as the kind of stuff you’d see on 42nd Street in about 1980.

This movie wasn’t made, it was committed. It cannot be shown, only inflicted.

Like a lot of creative professionals, Kallgren quickly became embarrassed by his early work and taken most of it down. Things started to change in 2012, though, as he began discussing more movies and TV projects which he actually liked. His videos– again, not all available– also became more ambitious and high-concept, from a jukebox musical review of The Man Who Fell to Earth to a silent review of Haxan.

At the same time, Kyle began a spinoff series called Between the Lines, which explores the hidden depths within mainstream popular culture– the Beatles, the Muppets, Inception, Marvel Comics, even his hometown:

As a theater major, Kallgren has frequently touched on Shakespeare, expanding his show to make an annual, summer-long series on notable film adaptations of the Bard, as well as a recent spate of vlogs about new releases with fellow critic/girlfriend Jodie Searles.

If there are any downsides to his videos besides a tendency to overreference French philosophers, its that he is self-critical to a fault, especially when it comes to his past lapses in progressivism, and is way harder on himself than is strictly necessary or than anyone really cares about. Nevertheless, his is one of the best shows on YouTube and never lacks for new and interesting content.