The Thursday Politics Thread Forms A Super PAC

Morning Politocadoes!

Yesterday, it was announced that the parents of Parkland students have formed a Super PAC to take on candidates backed by the NRA. Super PACs, as we, all know are are independent-expenditure only political action committees, that while unable to donate to or coordinate directly with candidates, are allowed to unlimited spending independently of the campaign. Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs can raise money from any individual, corporation, or union with no limit on donation size.

Needless to say, these committees can generate a lot of money very quickly. Given that the victims arguments for more firearm regulations strictly on moral grounds has fallen on deaf ears for many congressmen backed by the NRA, this seems like the only option to see any substantive change.

I’m rather ambivalent about this. I feel good that something like this has been started, because now, there’s a strong weapon in the fight these kids and their families are leading. But even if this works, is this how things are going to work from now on?  In order to have a chance at  substantive change are we going to have keep ‘pumping the quarters’ into the machine?

Is it right to use a tool you personally distaste in order to a achieve the change you desire? What do you all think?

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other. Be kind to Mayor McSquirrel even though he sucks. He eats all of the Sex Clams when no one is looking.