Let’s Talk: Breaking the Habit

Biting your nails. Biting a stranger’s nails. Chewing your hair. Popping gum. Popping zits. Fondling batteries. Picking noses. Scratching your butt in public. Reckless coke binges.

These are examples of bad habits. We all have them, some more debilitating than others, and some perhaps more specific in scope. Like, maybe you always make yourself a bowl of chopped tree bark and sour goat milk for breakfast because it’s easier than toasting a Pop-Tart. Well, you listen to me: sometimes you got to be willing to milk that goat for the freshest goats milk and let that go sour instead of buying it from the store.

Avocado, let us bask in the glory that are our bad habits that try as we may, we struggle to destroy.