The Escritoire Week 1

Welcome to the inaugural thread of The Escritoire, aka the Avocado writing group!
This is a space for Avocado members to share their in-progress writing and get detailed feedback. All writing is welcome, whether short, long, angsty, smutty, boring, or technically just emojis.
Whether or not you contribute a piece, please give helpful commentary to as many other members as you can. It might be good to initially focus on the one or two most under-commented pieces in the thread at whatever time you start reviewing, and then check back for more as you finish. The goal is for each submission to get multiple evaluations, while prioritizing quality of feedback over quantity.
If you also have a piece of writing you’d like to get feedback on, feel free to post a link to it (using Google Drive or a cloud storage/writing service of your choice) in a comment here. You can cut and paste your work into the comment if you’d like, but note that this may meet the legal definition of publishing and might therefore be used against you by actual publishers.
I know this is a little light on process right now, which is something I expect will change as we try things and see what works. I’ve posted a process check-in comment below where you can leave your thoughts/upvotes on whether the group is working for you. Some questions that have already come up are around deadlines (should we have them?), formal agreements (no downloading each other’s work), and so on. I’ll continue to post check-in comments every week as long as people think they’re helpful.
I’ve started things off with my own submission and will be monitoring the thread throughout the day to critique as much as I can. To the comments!