Mighty Jabba Owns The Day Thread Too

Mighty Jabba, who hates that you are all seeing a certain movie about some Han Solo guy today, shall demand you all continue to worship him. He has retaliated against Solo by having a straight 24 hours of Open Threads dedicated to him. Hail Jabba, and love him.

jabba 3
Jabba has many great roles as a ruler of the Hutt clan. Including hosting the great Podraces. He loves them when they get violent. He’d love them more if little Anakin had gone boom-boom during that one race that one time.

j2 1
I would’ve loved this toy as a kid, but I have a feeling many parents found the “spitting head action” too violent…

Jabba is also nice and oozey. He oozes like a slug. It probably feels yucky.

j2 2
“Jabba the Hutt is oozing with fun.”

So, have a good day, Avocados! Jabba is here for all of us. And he has a sweet ride…

jabba car