Marvel Draft – Draft Thread

Good evening, True Believers! This is the thread in which we will draft our teams and titles for Year One of our Marvel Universe. I am your Editor-in-Chief, The Internet’s Cappadocius, and I will be herding the cats that are our first crop of amazing writers! I will be assisted in continuity and deepest lore by the lovely MisterSplendiferous. Let’s all give him a big hand, folks!

This will be a serpentine draft, meaning we will start with Position One, drafting one character per round, until we get to Position Seventeen, who will draft their first and second choices, whereupon we will move UP the list until reaching Position One again, who will draft their second and third round choices, and so on. After everyone has drafted their characters, there will be one last round where everyone drafts their comic’s title.

Because I mistakenly provided the wrong date in the recruitment thread, everyone will have 24 hours to make their first pick, and subsequently each person will have eight hours after the person before them in the draft sequence has posted their current round’s pick to post your own pick. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to reliably draft to the schedule, feel free to send me your list of draft picks (with alternates!) at cappadocius at gmail dot com, and I will make sure your picks get in before the deadline. That said, let’s try to complete this as quickly as possible, so you can all share your kickass comics with us ASAP.

Drafts will be made in the comments on this post. Sort by Newest, please. The most recent draft selection will be the topmost comments this way, and it will be easy to see who’s next. I encourage speculation and wild ‘epileptic tree‘ theories as responses to drafts, but top level comments should be ONLY be draft selections, with the exception of the first post, which will be me @-ing all of the writers.


Here is our draft line-up!

  1. Andy Tuttle
  2. Mr. Pryce
  3. Prometheatanna
  4. ThePrinceThatWasPromised
  5. Lovely Bones
  6. The Mare’s Spin Doctors Mix
  7. Great Boos Up
  8. Doctor Nick
  9. ShelbyvilleIdea
  10. Tyrone’s Delusions of Grandeur
  11. Annanomally in Hawkins
  12. Pulprobot: New Phase
  13. Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble
  14. bortman
  15. adam farrar
  16. longbox jockey resurgent

The votes were nearly evenly split between Weekly and Monthly publishing schedules. Since this is our first draft, and we’re all getting a feel for it, I’ve decided to split the difference based on your requests. Here’s our publishing schedule:

  • Mondays – Andy Tuttle, Dr. Nick, Pulprobot
  • Tuesdays – Mr. Pryce
  • First Wednesday of the Month – Lovely Bones and Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble
  • Second Wednesday of the Month – The Mare’s Spin Doctor Mix and Bortman
  • Third Wednesday of the Month – Great Boos Up and Shelbyvilleidea
  • Fourth Wednesday of the Month –  Adam Farrar
  • Thursdays – Promethea, Tyrone, Longbox Jockey
  • Fridays – The Prince That Was Promised and Annanomaly in Hawkins

Each issue will be a WordPress post – so if you need to get publishing access for the Avocado, now is a GREAT time to visit the Requests page and get your access. Be sure to tag your issues with #Marvel Draft and #Your Title.

Thank you, and let’s have fun!