Werewolf 60 – Psychonauts – Day 7

You’ve reached the top of the asylum. Together, you head for Dr. Loboto, D.D.S.’s laboratory, where extracted teeth sit next to extracted brains. You find Agents Nein and Vodello restrained in the corner.

As you rebrain your camp counselors, Agent Vodello sighs in relief. “Darlings, I thought you’d never find this place!” she says. “Such clever children!”

But she spoke too soon, for Lili had unwisely wandered off on her own, drawn to the mumble of Coach Oleander’s voice which she heard in the walls.

Lili Vanotto (LibraryLass) has had her brain stolen. She was the Paranoiac (Town).

Just then, Coach Oleander wanders into the lab… but not to confront you or anything. He’s just talking about TV.

“Wait,” says Maloof Canola. “If the Coach has removed his brain, where’d he put i-“

A Psychic Death Tank crashes through the wall. “Newsflash, smart alecks!” it cries. “I figured I’d test out these tanks before I take over the world with them!”

With that, the Coach-operated Psychic Death Tank releases an industrial-strength cloud of Super-Sneezing Powder.

As the campers’ brains slither out to the floor, the tank’s arms extend and grab them, fusing them with the Coach’s brain in the engine.

Inside the fused mental world of Coach Oleander, Maloof, Kitty, Bobby, Phoebe, Elton, and Milka, chaos reigns. Memories of everyone’s childhood warp together – Bobby’s drill instructor dad; the cafeteria lady who was mean to Milka; Kitty’s demanding pageant mother. And the butcher shop where Coach Oleander’s father treated animals so cruelly.

In the chaos, you start to lose each other; you find yourself split into three groups. As the nightmare continues and some of you begin to regress to childlike states, you hear instructions.

Listen to me very carefully. Three of you are regressing due to the shock of fusing your memories with the Coach’s. You need to work together to untangle this. If one of you goes down, someone else will surely go down with you, and then you’re never getting out of here with your mind intact.

Begin Day 7: Meat Circus.

Meat Circus Rules:
This is an escort mission. Three of you (one wolf and two Town) have regressed to a helpless state and cannot survive the Meat Circus brainwarp without another player.

If a wolf is lynched today, the other wolf will die (Town win). If a townie is lynched today, the other townie they have been stranded with will also die (wolf win). Townies do not know who they are tied to.

14 4 Campers (Town)
4 2 Mind-Controlled Campers (Wolves)
2 Kissing Campers (SK Lovers)

General Werewolf Rules
Game Days will last about 24 hours, unless one player gets a majority of all votes before then. In the vote thread (sort by Oldest) you may vote for any player, or for “No Lynch”. If there is a tie, one of the top vote-getters will be randomly chosen.

Game Nights will be shorter. Every Night, players whose Shield self-activated will be informed, regardless of whether they were targeted by any actions.

Please try to make at least 3 game-related comments per Day.

NO EDITING OR DELETING for any reason including typoes. To change your vote, make a new comment in the vote thread.

Directly quoting or screenshotting QT is not allowed. However, players who receive overheard intercom messages may quote them.

Be nice, have fun, it’s a silly game!

1. Owen1120 / Maloof Canola
2. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer / Mikhail BulgakovCamper
3. forget_it_jake / Vernon TripeKissing Camper (SK)
4. Capt.LindsayFunke / Chloe BargeMind-Controlled Camper (Brains)
5. Captain Video / Elka Doom / Vincent Price’s AfterimageCamper
6. Pulprobot / Dogen BoolePyrokinetic (Vigilante)
7. Fuwfuwa / Quentin HedgemouseCamper
8. Indy / Chops SweetwindCamper (Vanilla Town)
9. Subsaharan / Nils LutefiskCamper
10. Doctor Nick / Benny FideleoCamper
11. Lovely Bones / Razputin AquatoMind-Controlled Camper (Bubble Boy)
12. Merve / Clem FooteKissing Camper (SK)
13. LibraryLass / Lili ZanottoParanoiac (Town)
14. The Hayes Code / Kitty Bubai
15. Zecko / Phoebe Love
16. spookyfriend / Milka Phage
17. Flubba / Crystal Flowers-SnagrashCamper (Bully)
18. El Marinero / Elton Fir
19. Creeper / Bobby Zilch
20. BannerThief / J.T. Hoofburger / Lwaxana TroiClairvoyant (Detective)

Day 7 will end at 2PM EST tomorrow, May 19 unless a majority is reached earlier.