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Avocado Writers’ Group?

Hi everyone! I’m The Disreputable Dog, aka the person who wrote a bunch of Stargate SG-1 reviews and then got busy with work.

Lately I’ve been wanting to write more and get more detailed feedback. After seeing the amazing work in the Creative Showcase this week, I’m wondering if anyone else is interested in having a weekly writers’ group. It would differ from the Creative Endeavors thread in that detailed critiques would be actively expected, and from The Process in that, unlike Gooch, I don’t actually know anything about writing and can’t give you any useful general information. (One thing I’m hoping to get out of this is improving my feedback skills!)

I’d like to hold myself accountable to writing something new every week, so I’m thinking I might post a thread every Friday and post whatever I’ve written into a comment, which other members could then reply to with feedback. And, hopefully, other people would do the same throughout the week. I’m happy to monitor the thread and reply to everyone so that no one feels ignored, although of course my hope is that enough people join that that’s not needed.

In case you’re wondering, I have zero opinions on what kind of writing should be posted. Whether you’re writing fiction, essays, reviews, comedy, fanfiction, poetry, tweets, breakup emails, recipes, or literally anything else, you’re welcome here!

Here’s what I’m looking for from you:

  • Are you interested in joining? If so, please say so! I don’t want to be the only one posting, so this thread is just to gauge interest. I’m hoping for at least ten members.
  • Do you think you’ll have time to produce something every week? I’d like to know this just to calibrate my own expectations.
  • What should this group be called??

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!