The Thursday Politics Thread IN Codename: Crossfire Hurricane


There was too much news yesterday. Too much to properly process. Let’s see:

2500 pages worth of Don Jr’s senate testimony was released regarding the Trump Tower investigation

The Mueller Investigation subpoenaed Roger Stone’s social media advisor.

Trump released his financial disclosure formally admitting that he knew about payments to Stormy Daniels.

The Senate voted affirmatively on a resolution to restore Net Neutrality rules.

Trump Lawyer and Crazy Man Rudy Giuliani claimed that Mueller’s team told Trump’s team that they couldn’t indict a sitting President. This turned out to not be strictly speaking true.

A whistleblower leaked FirstRepublic Bank’s Suspicious Activity Report on Michael Cohen after realizing that two other related reports were missing from FINCEN’s tracking system.

Michael Cohen solicited a payment of a $1,000,000 from the government of Qatar for access and advice in dealing with the Trump Administration.

Michael Cohen used his Essential Consulting firm to pay for various things, such as his car payments and his credit card bills according to the FirstRepublic bank Suspicious Activity Report.

Michael Cohen was still involved in attempting to set up Trump Tower Moscow as late as June 2016.


Meanwhile, the New York Times releases an article that acts as a mea culpa on the article they ran, days before the election, that said there were no links between Trump and Russia. But there was. Turns out there was an active investigation into it called CROSSFIRE HURRICANE because, hey, the FBI is just as guilty of having a flair for the dramatic as anyone else. An investigation that named George Papadopolous, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort as having ties to Russia.

Oh, and the SITTING PRESIDENT of the United States called undocumented immigrants ‘animals’ on live television. No innuendo or anything.

I’m so tired, peeps.

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