Shoeless Trivia: Fallout

Mostly the video games, but also some other stuff.

  1. What is the name of this iconic mascot?fallo1
  2. The unit known as the curie is equal to the radioactivity of one gram of what substance?
  3. The soundtrack for Fallout: New Vegas features the track “Big Iron” from the same 1959 album that included the hit “El Paso”. Name the singer-songwriter responsible for both.
  4. What movie starring Jane Fonda about a cover up at fictional nuclear power plant premiered in 1979, just 12 days before the Three Mile Island nuclear incident?
  5. The graphic below depicts an educational facility that is an important location in Fallout 4 along with what real life counterpart?fallo2

  1. Vault Boy
  2. radium-226 (radium)
  3. Marty Robbins
  4. The China Syndrome
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


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