Let’s Talk: Crushes

Spring has arrived, and with the rise in temperatures, there’s the rise in lusting for another person’s… company. Yes. Their company, nothing else! Nothing gross or filthy at all. Perfectly innocent.

With that in mind, today’s topic is Crushes. Let’s talk about your favorite real-life crushes, your experience with crushes, how you handle them, how awkward they are, and even crushes with fictional people or celebrities. But an important guideline I will lay down now: Do not be gross! No objectification of your crushes. You can of course comment on your attraction to someone, but refrain from sexualization. That is not the purpose of this thread. Keep it as clean as possible. Yes, it is okay to say that you like the way a person smiles or their eyes, but comments like “They have great tits!” or “I really wanna bone them!” will not be accepted here. I think we know how to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner when discussing the topic of crushes. If you feel like you cannot be appropriate, please do not participate. This will be a space to seriously talk about crushes, romantic feelings, infatuation, and attraction.