Werewolf 60 – Psychonauts – Day 6

After gaining the key from Fred, the campers manage to climb a broken staircase and begin their ascent up the asylum tower. They find the broken-down elevator blocked by a large man in the art therapy room, obsessively painting a matador killing a bull on a black velvet canvas.


“Hey,” the campers say. “Do you know how to get up the tower, and have you noticed a very short coach going up there with some kidnapped bodies?”

“I broke the elevator lever in a rage a while back,” says the bearded man. “I also broke the wrench I was going to use to fix the lever, and then I broke my toe kicking the wrench. It’s this goddamn painting of El Odio. I’ve done hundreds of versions, for three years now, and it’s still not right.”

“Huh,” say the campers. “Do you think if we entered your mind and made you less angry about the matador painting, you might be able to fix the elevator?”

“That seems in line with how you guys have solved things so far,” says Edgar Teglee.

But as some campers enter Edgar’s psychedelic mind, Dogen Boole lags behind to admire a painting of a squirrel. Two kids sneak up behind him, pull off his protective tinfoil hat, and laugh as he inhales Super-Sneezing Powder.

Dogen Boole (Pulprobot) has had his brain stolen. He was the Pyrokinetic (Town Vigilante).

Begin Day 6: Black Velvetopia.

14 6 Campers (Town)
4 2 Mind-Controlled Campers (Wolves)
2 Kissing Campers (SK Lovers)

Game Rules
Wolves do not kill players; they extract their brains for future use. When a wolf dies, if there is at least one currently debrained camper, a brain will be found in the wolf’s possession. The brain’s owner will return to the game, sans any original powers.

Every player possesses Shield, a passive psychic power. Sometimes, your Shield might activate in your sleep if you have a scary dream! If this happens, you cannot be targeted by night actions. Every player has a 1/5 chance of their Shield being activated.

The Coach inadvertently broadcasts many of his evil thoughts on the camp intercom system. Every night, one of his thoughts (a random wolf QT message) is overheard by a random player.

Town Roles
The Clairvoyant (detective) – Sees the world through one other player’s eyes each night
The Paranoiac – Sees everyone as their enemy, including the Clairvoyant (will give a false scum result when investigated)
The Pyrokinetic – Two-shot vigilante
The Bully – Designates a nerd to die in their place. The Bully may only choose a target once, and it is up to them how long to wait. If their target dies before the Bully does, the Bully will have no special protection.

Wolf Roles
The Brains of the Operation – Uses Confusion Grenades to appear as a friend to the Clairvoyant (gives a false town result when investigated)
The Peeping Tom – Can investigate a player each night and see if they used a night action (but not what kind)
The Bubble Boy – Has a one-shot ability to auto-Shield themselves and one other wolf of their choice

Kissing Campers
If one Kissing Camper dies, the other will gain a different win condition.

General Werewolf Rules
Game Days will last about 24 hours, unless one player gets a majority of all votes before then. In the vote thread (sort by Oldest) you may vote for any player, or for “No Lynch”. If there is a tie, one of the top vote-getters will be randomly chosen.

Game Nights will be shorter. Every Night, players whose Shield self-activated will be informed, regardless of whether they were targeted by any actions.

Please try to make at least 3 game-related comments per Day.

NO EDITING OR DELETING for any reason including typoes. To change your vote, make a new comment in the vote thread.

Directly quoting or screenshotting QT is not allowed. However, players who receive overheard intercom messages may quote them.

Be nice, have fun, it’s a silly game!

1. Owen1120 / Maloof Canola
2. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer / Mikhail BulgakovCamper
3. forget_it_jake / Vernon TripeKissing Camper (SK)
4. Capt.LindsayFunke / Chloe BargeMind-Controlled Camper (Brains)
5. Captain Video / Elka Doom / Vincent Price’s AfterimageCamper
6. Pulprobot / Dogen BoolePyrokinetic (Vigilante)
7. Fuwfuwa / Quentin HedgemouseCamper
8. Indy / Chops Sweetwind
9. Subsaharan / Nils LutefiskCamper
10. Doctor Nick / Benny FideleoCamper
11. Lovely Bones / Razputin AquatoMind-Controlled Camper (Bubble Boy)
12. Merve / Clem FooteKissing Camper (SK)
13. LibraryLass / Lili Zanotto
14. The Hayes Code / Kitty Bubai
15. Zecko / Phoebe Love
16. spookyfriend / Milka Phage
17. Flubba / Crystal Flowers-SnagrashCamper (Bully)
18. El Marinero / Elton Fir
19. Creeper / Bobby Zilch
20. BannerThief / J.T. Hoofburger / Lwaxana TroiClairvoyant (Detective)

Day 6 will end at 12PM EST tomorrow, May 17.