Creator’s Showcase Day 3: Crank it to 11: Musicians

Put on your headphones, adjust the bass, and get ready to be throttled by the Avocados who craft phat beats for your audio pleasure.

Members not featured here are encouraged to share links in the comments.


User: Aiwendil – The music page is just my little collection of some things I’ve written, a mixture of classical, progressive rock, and jazz. Some of it is synthesized, some is just scores with a MIDI approximation; unfortunately, none of it is played by real musicians.

User: Fresh Jive – Gradus

User: Hohodor – The Heartbeat Trail “Psych Rock coming from San Diego!”

User: Megara Justice Machine – “Noise” and other drone/minimalist stuff

User: Moon! – Bacon Moon

User: Smapti Jones – Sweet Tooth

User: SubsaharanModule Ten