The Toybox: The Free-For-All

For those who pay attention to any of my posts, I’ve been on an Alien kick lately.  Being on a kick is dangerous for ol’ Glorbes, because I suddenly want to learn/live/breath that thing.  I filled in the gaps of my collection of films, bought a book on the “making of” the series, and some guy on kijiji was selling a bunch of action figures based on the films for a good price just when the kick was underway, and I had a windfall from selling my own crap on kijiji.  So now, I have this tidy little collection of Alien toys, with a Ripley figure from the first film coming in the mail.

I’ve officially cut myself off, because I started dreaming about Queens and Power Loaders, and that, my friends, is a cliff I can’t afford to fall off of, lest I break all my bones on the rocks below and drown.

So, how do you know when to cap a collection?  What parameters do you set for yourself when you start collecting a line?

This is an open thread about action figure and toy collecting, so be sure to share your latest purchases, lines you’re eagerly anticipating, and pretty much ANYTHING related to action figure and toy collecting.