Let’s Talk: Travel

A noble shout-out to Wafflicious for the topic idea.

I hate using the phrase “It’s that time of year,” especially when that could refer to any time of year – it’s a specific kind of phrase that has such vague connotations that it is rendered utterly devoid of specialty. I hate it.

Well, anyway, it’s that time of year: warm weather is creeping along the northwestern quadrant of the earth: the only quadrant worth a damn, am I right? No? Of course not. If I was ever right about anything, the tilted axis of the earth would straighten up and we’d face global catastrophe amidst encountering only two seasons (though, given my proximity to Chicago, I’m really used to that).

Where was I getting with this? Oh, yeah. Fuck salt. No, wait. Salt is delicious.

TRAVEL! That’s what this is about. Right. Today’s Let’s Talk topic is Travel! Now, normally in a post like this, we’d open the floor to discuss places we’d like to go or where we have gone, spinning yarns of vacation stories into tightly woven fabrics we can wrap ourselves in feel nice and warm.

That’s kind of boring. Instead, let’s focus on the experience of travel; our likes and dislikes, preferred methods, the anxiety of planning, the dread of being crammed in a metal tube and shot into the stratosphere with a mob of passengers on the edge of oxygen-deprived madness and what’s this, you’re going to charge me $3.50 USD for a pack of chips?! I could’ve gotten a much bigger bag for a quarter and pennies more at the Hudson News shop where I got this cheap Grisham paperback and a roll of lozenges! This is skyway robbery you fucks! AT-TI-CA! AT-TI-CA!

Points for Thought

  • Travel Prep: What goes into your planning for a trip?
  • Transportation: What is your preferred method of travel?
  • Comfort Zone: Do you prefer to travel alone or with others?
  • Destination Unknown: Where do you go and what do you when you travel?
  • …Do as the Romans: When traveling abroad, do you prefer to live as a tourist or as a local?
  • Park’s Closed: What have been some of your worst experiences in travel.
  • Permanent Vacation: What have been some of your best experiences in travel.