The Thursday Politics Thread Is Crushing It

Morning Politocadoes!

Well! It certainly has been a wild ride for one Michael ‘Says Who?’ Cohen, longtime lawyer to the President. Details have emerged about Cohen’s ‘consulting’ work with companies eager to learn how to deal with a Dragon Energy administration. Cohen was reportedly paid millions of dollars for access to the Presidency from companies such as AT&T whom were looking to support in their planned merger with Time Warner, and Novartis, because, hey, Big Pharma. Cohen was paid even after it was deemed that he had little to offer the companies. So, in the words of Cooley Law’s most prestigious graduate, he was ‘crushing it’.

All of this spins out from the Stormy Daniels affair, as apparently the $130,000 payment to her came from the same shell company, Essential Consulting, LLC Cohen was using to provide ‘access’. Mueller has already spoken with AT&T and Novartis. So have no fears, the Special Counsel is already well aware of this.  But how could this possibly intersect with other parts of Trumpworld?

Wait! What’s that I see on the horizon?! Is that an unusually svelte young whippersnapper? Why yes! It’s Jared Kushner, Boy Adventurer! Cohen, in a ‘strategic partnership’, appears to have referred US Immigration Fund, a company that organized a trip to China where the Kush’s sister proposed investors put money into real estate in exchange for visas, to law firm Squire Patton Boggs. Truly the Kush is a whiz kid, getting his family involved with a talented lawyer like Michael Cohen. He’s such a good boy!

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