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In This Wednesday Political Post, Election News is Still Hot Takes

Republican voters rallied behind candidates aligned with President Trump and party leaders in a trio of pivotal Senate primaries Tuesday, reinvigorating the GOP’s bid to hold and possibly expand on its majority in midterm elections.

This is the news I woke up to in my news feed and I thought OH NO then I read it…


This all sounds good right EXCEPT

1. Trump approval rating with the GOP is high, the last time I checked it was in the 80s so they are already aligned with him.

2. Trump has changed more from fringe candidate to aligning moderate GOP leadership but that has been happening for a year (ie breaking with Blankenship)

3. The GOP is the exact position they were in the day before…favored for the Senate…probably losing the House.

I would prefer my nothingburger with veggie patty thank you;)

Welcome to Wednesday!