The Night Thread Pays Tribute to Brulio2145

Hey, everyone. Since the news was revealed that one of our number going all the way back to the Mothership, Mr. Brulio2145, has terminal cancer, I’ve had him weighing heavily on my mind, especially when I looked over his old posts, recognized his avatar, and realized exactly who he was. You don’t forget an avatar like that.

Therefore… if there are any here who still remember him, as I do, or even better than I do — or if there are people here who think they never knew him, but still want to pay tribute to a kind soul who touched and was touched by our online community on here and on the old site, please do so here.

If you read this, Brulio2145, know we love you. Our hearts and wishes go out to you, your wife, your family, and your other loved ones in this time, and we hope the time you have is one full of love and kindness. If any of his loved ones stumble upon this after looking up his screen name at some point, let our conduct here, and our cherishing of his memory, pay tribute to that part of our community which he loved so much — and whom we love, in return.

I emotionally dedicate this Night Thread to Brulio2145 and his wife. May the love you share in these months ahead live forever enshrined in memory. May we keep your memory always. And may we, as commenters, stand by your example always.

This is for you.