The Toybox: Greatest Yard Sale and Flea Market Finds

Maybe you were out with your family on a Saturday drive, and you see a yard sale.  Maybe you’re at a flea market, wandering around aimlessly and trying not to bump into all the other weirdos.  Or maybe you’re on Kijiji or Craigslist, looking for a piece of furniture, and you idly type in something that you’ve been look for on and off for ages.

And then, as if dropped from the heavens, you see the item.  The one toy or collectible that you didn’t know that you wanted or needed until you saw it that very second.  You play it cool, and go over to the person behind the table and ask “how much?”  They either tell you a price that is insane, or say “A dollar” for an item that you’d easily pay ten, twenty, or thirty times the amount.  You dig out your wallet, and next thing you know, you’re clutching what might as well be the Golden Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You imagine all the other suckers looking on your find with envy, cursing themselves for not getting to the table before you .

So, ‘Cados…what was your best “in real life” secondary market find? How long has you been looking for it?  Or was it something you simply didn’t expect to find, and went for it because of how good of a deal it was?


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