Werewolf 60 – Psychonauts – Sign-ups

Ah, Whispering Rock. Home of the first, the best, the certainly not nationally-accredited Psychic Summer Camp.

Along the psitanium-infested shores of Lake Oblongata, little tykes sew lanyards. Amid the ruins of the old mental asylum, they play Capture the Flag.
And as they scream while their minds, like mouths stretched too far open, are forced to accommodate the vastness of the psychic landscape, they cease to be mere children and become…


But the raw energy of young psychics is a powerful thing, and Coach Oleander has decided to exploit it. Using his powers of mind control, the Coach has forced four campers to do his evil bidding: lobotomizing their friends so that he can use their brains to power Psychic Death Tanks!

You, the campers of Whispering Rock, have recently learned of this threat. Can you stop it?
“No!” you sob. “Most of us are eight!”

Welcome to Werewolf 60: Psychonauts.

This game is loosely based on the plot of Psychonauts. Everyone will play a pre-existing character and fun with RP is encouraged, but no knowledge of the game is needed. New players welcome.

14 Campers (Town)
4 Mind-Controlled Campers (Wolves)
2 Kissing Campers (SK Lovers)

Game Rules:
Wolves do not kill players; they lobotomize them. If a wolf dies, the brain of a camper will be found in their possession, and the camper will be rebrained and returned to the game.

Every player possesses Shield, a passive psychic power. Sometimes, your Shield might activate in your sleep if you have a scary dream! If this happens, you cannot be targeted by night actions.

The Coach inadvertently broadcasts many of his evil thoughts on the camp intercom system. Every night, one of his thoughts (a random wolf QT message) is overheard by a random player.

Town Roles:
The Clairvoyant (detective) – Sees the world through one other player’s eyes each night
The Paranoiac – Sees everyone as their enemy, including the Clairvoyant (will give a false scum result when investigated)
The Pyrokinetic – Two-shot vigilante
The Bully – Chooses a nerd to die in their place the first time they are targeted

Wolf Roles:
The Brains of the Operation – Uses Confusion Grenades to appear as a friend to the Clairvoyant (gives a false town result when investigated)
The Peeping Tom – Can investigate a player each night and see if they used a night action (but not what kind)
The Bubble Boy – Has a one-shot ability to auto-Shield themselves and one other wolf of their choice

Kissing Campers:
The Kissing Campers win by eliminating all others. They choose one player to kill each night.

1. Owen1120
2. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
3. forget_it_jake
4. Capt.LindsayFunke
5. Captain Video
6. Pulprobot toborplup
7. Fuwfuwa
8. Indy
9. Werdup
10. Doctor Nick
11. Lovely Bones
12. Merve
13. LibraryLass
14. The Hayes Code
15. Zecko
16. liz156
17. Flubba Dies In Infinity War
18. El Marinero
19. Creeper
20. BannerThief

1. MacCrocodile
2. subsaharan
3. spookyfriend

The game will start on Monday or Tuesday, depending on signup feedback.