Werewolf 59 – The Werewolves Are Due On Maple Street – Day 7

You’re on a scenic route through a state recreational area known as the human mind. You ask a passer-by for directions, only to find he has no face or something. Suddenly up ahead, a door in the road. You swerve, narrowly avoiding The Scary Door.

The peaceful residents of Maple Street had turned the tables on their alien invaders. Having met in private at the start of the sixth day of their nightmare, they were able to identify the wolves among them and attempted to put an end to this episode.

With only one more chance to stop the aliens before they fully take over, the stakes are higher than ever.

“This is Perd Hapley, and I am an alien as well. This is the time when I would like to support the plan of Richard Strickland, an alien and friend. Thank you for listening to this, my confession of being one of the many aliens among you.” Those words rang in the heads of the townspeople as they made their choice for who to kill in the night. They were in Perd Hapley’s house, and they were determined to kill him.

Subsaharan // Perd Hapley has died. He was A WOLF RECRUIT (original role: Vanilla Town).

The townspeople were not the only ones out for blood in the night, though. Once Janet Tyler returned to her homes, praying the aliens would now be kept at bay, she regrettably let her guard down. Quickly, the alien who had lied in wait for her slashed and ended her life.

Colonel Mustard // Janet Tyler has died. She was VANILLA TOWN (original role: Town Gossip).

So here, we come to the conclusion. Being driven to murder, even in self-defense, tugs at one’s soul, be they human or alien. Regardless of the outcome, the residents of Maple Street are now permanent inhabitants of The Twilight Zone.


Win conditions:

Town wins when remaining players are 100% town

Wolves win when remaining players are 100% wolf

Roles (21 total players):

Wolf team (4 wolf-aligned players):

  • 2 Wolves
  • 1 Wolf Detective
  • 1 Wolf Stalker

Town team (17 town-aligned players):

  • 9 Vanilla Town
  • 2 Jailers
  • 2 Doctors
  • 1 Town Detective
  • 1 Doomsday Prepper
  • 1 Town Gossip
  • Ol’ Pigeonpockets Pete


The rules are as follows:

  • These rules were triggered when wolves made up 50% or more of the remaining population in the game. This occurred during night five.
  • No more roles have any effect as of now. There is only vanilla town and vanilla wolf.
  • Town has shared a QT since the start of day six.
  • Each night, Town gets to collectively choose one player to night kill. This occurs before the wolf kills. (Meaning in the case of a 1-to-1 tie heading into twilight, Town wins as their night kill goes through first.)
  • Each night, a RNG’d wolf gets to choose one player to night kill. Only one wolf kill will occur each night. Wolves can no longer recruit — all attacks end in kills.
  • The game is over when the remaining players are 100% wolf or 100% town.


  • DO NOT EDIT POSTS! DO NOT QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM YOUR QT! Doing so may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.



  1. Owen // Coconuts Guy!
  2. Spookyfriend // Sharon, PTA Secretary
  3. MacCrocodile // Mac VANILLA TOWN
  5. Doctor Nick // Big Jim DOOMSDAY PREPPER
  6. Capt.LindsayFunke // Mr. Ed TOWN DOCTOR
  7. Talky Tina // Talky Tina (from The Living Doll episode) WOLF STALKER
  8. BannerThief // Steve Mason VANILLA TOWN
  9. Admirax // Doctor Terwilliker TOWN DOCTOR
  10. Platypus Basileus // Roy Rogers McFreely, HOA Chair VANILLA TOWN
  11. Colonel Mustard // Janet Tyler (from The Eye of the Beholder episode) TOWN GOSSIP
  12. forget_it_jake // Caril Ann Fugate VANILLA TOWN
  13. Grumproro // Ron Normalman (from The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street episode) ORIGINAL WOLF
  14. Zecko // Merrill ORIGINAL WOLF
  15. the god king snugglewumps // Richard Strickland WOLF DETECTIVE
  16. Subsaharan // Perd Hapley WOLF RECRUIT
  17. A Winged Potato // Anthony (from It’s a Good Life episode) TOWN JAILER
  18. Robert Post’s Child // Russian submarine captain VANILLA TOWN
  19. Spiny Creature // Dennis Reynolds TOWN JAILER
  20. Sheltie // Charlie Farnsworth (from The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street episode) VANILLA TOWN
  21. Captain Video // Ol’ Pigeonpockets Pete

Day 7 ends on Saturday, May 5th, at 1 pm (Central time)